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About Us

AdsTech is a Performance marketing agency providing innovative advertising solutions to amplify user acquisition for content providers and app owners, monetizing their content with DCB and store subscriptions.

In addition, our expertise lies in the analytics of performance marketing campaigns through targeted Google Ads and social media campaigns, and other digital channels.


What Does Adstech Offer?

Advertising Solution

In-house media buying specializing in social media advertising.

Authentic traffic through Google Ads and Al-driven campaigns.

Secure conversion funnels through anti-fraud and Ad compliance tools.

User Acquisition Kit

App Monetization SDK.

API Integration with traffic sources.

AI-powered campaigns.

Monitoring tools.

MMP Tracking solution.

Client Relationship Management

Access to CRM system for monitoring.

Dedicated Account Managers.

Support team 24/7.

Content Management System

Checkout page builder to customize conversion funnels.

Analytical reports for campaign performance.

Notification bots delivering updates.

Ad Accounts for Agencies

Agencies ad accounts on Google, TikTok, and Meta.

Centralized management for multiple ad accounts from a single platform.

Enhanced reporting on ad performance to measure campaign effectiveness.

Shared access to ad accounts for increased efficiency.

Expanded reach and targeting options.

Access to dedicated support.

AdsTech Expertise


looking to increase services’ reach and enhance user retention.

  • Brand Advertising
  • Landing Page Promotions
  • AI campaigns
  • Landing Page Compliance
  • Anti-fraud Measures
  • Advanced Monitoring

Content Providers

looking to boost user acquisition.

  • SmartLink Advertising
  • In-App Promotions

Ad Partners

Publishers, Affiliates Networks and in-house Media Buyers looking for real-time tracking and analytics to optimize campaigns.

  • Offers Diversity
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Exclusive Domains for Google Ads
  • AI-powered Smartlinks
  • Analytical Reports

Unparalleled Support

24/7 Support

Dedicated Account Managers

Dynamic Notifications & Alerts

Telegram Channels Announcements

Free Apps Development

All-In-One SDK

Comprehensive Apps Support

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